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Auto Backup Server Files & MySQL To FTP Server

by lifeLinux on August 23, 2011

This is a simple script take to daily backup server files and MySQL databases to FTP server. Make sure you have lftp client installed. Type the following command if you are using Centos/Fedora/RedHat # yum install lftp


Displaying line numbers in vi/vim can be very useful for debugging code errors and to improve overall readability of a program. For example, if we are writing C program or Shell script and want to check coding mistakes after running or compiling it, turning on or off this feature may help a lot to identify […]


If you have very large mysql database then it is very hard to backup and restore using the conventional phpmyadmin or any other programs. In this Tutorial I will explain you how to backup and restore a larger database. This tutorial can be used while moving your database from one server to another.