How To Recover Password Juniper SSG 550 Using Serial Number

by lifeLinux on July 28, 2013

SSG550M is a purpose-built, modular security platform that delivers 1+ Gbps of firewall traffic and 600 Mbps of IPSec VPN for large branch, regional offices and enterprises. If you ever forget your password and lose access to your SSG firewall then in this article, I will show you How to recover password Juniper SSG 550 using serial number step by step.
NOTE: You will be notified that you will lose your configuration and all your settings.

Step 1. Connect to the device with a console connection.
Step 2. Log into the firewall using the device’s serial number as both the username and password. The following shows a typical serial number login and the resulting messages.

login: 00442421012308289

Step 3. A warning message will display, requesting confirmation to continue with the process. Enter “y”

!!! Lost Password Reset !!! You have initiated a command to reset the device to
factory defaults, clearing all current configuration and settings. Would you like
to continue? y/[n] y

Step 4. A reconfirmation message displays. Again, enter ” y “. The firewall will reboot.

!! Reconfirm Lost Password Reset !! If you continue, the entire
configuration of the device will be erased. In addition, a permanent
counter will be incremented to signify that this device has been reset.
This is your last chance to cancel this command. If you proceed, the
device will return to factory default configuration, which is: System IP:; username: netscreen, password: netscreen. Would you like to
continue? y/[n] y

Step 5. Upon reboot, the configuration is set back to factory default. The login for both the username and password is reset to “netscreen”.

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