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How To Restart Networking Service In Linux

by lifeLinux on September 16, 2011

How to start/stop/restart networking service under Linux operating systems after making changes to IP configuration from a shell prompt ?

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How To Save/Restore Iptables Rules

by lifeLinux on May 18, 2011

Save Iptables rules Rules created with the iptables command are stored in memory. If the system is restarted before saving the iptables rule set, all rules are lost. To save netfilter rules, type the following command as root: # /etc/init.d/iptables save


Iptables should be installed by default on all CentOS 3.x, 4.x and 5.x installations. You can check to see if iptables is installed on your system by: # rpm -q iptables


How To Enable IP Forwarding On CentOS / RedHat

by lifeLinux on May 11, 2011

By default, Linux distribution such as Redhat, CentOS, and Fedora will have IP Forwarding disabled. The need to forward IP packets from one source to another using linux as the default gateway or linux router, IP forwarding should be enabled from this considerations. There are several techniques to enable IP Forwarding.


CentOS / RedHat Linux server and by default firewall blocked out everything including telnet access. How do I allow telnet – port 23 thought Linux iptables firewall ?


How To Install OpenSSH on Centos / RedHat

by lifeLinux on May 10, 2011

What is OpenSSH ? OpenSSH is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on. Users of telnet, rlogin, and ftp may not realize that their password is transmitted across the Internet unencrypted, but it is. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, […]

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