The Truth About Shared WordPress Web Hosting

by admin on April 25, 2016

Shared web hosting is the most popular form of hosting that are used by the WordPress users. Unfortunately, several people are also not aware of the concept of Shared WordPress Web hosting. The problem is nobody talks the truth about it and this leads to confusion. This article will discuss about the concept, the advantages and the disadvantages of shared WordPress web hosting.

What is WordPress web hosting?

When multiple numbers of websites share a large server, it is known as shared hosting. When there are so many sites on the same server, the web hosting companies get the opportunity to offer their services at an affordable and budget friendly pricing. Shared web hosting is considered as one of the most cost effective and economical web hosting process. On an average, shared web hosting services can cost you around $3.95 per month to $9.95 per month.

What is the highlighting aspect of shared WordPress web hosting?

The marketing aspect of the shared web hosting firms is the highlighting factor involved in it. The unlimited bandwidth, domains, disk space and others are some of the advantages of using this service. Shared web hosting is specifically designed for smaller business and startup companies. But when your business becomes popular and several other server resources come into application, you must choose for upgrades and thus have to shell out money under such circumstances.

While you are choosing a shared web hosting company, it is better to pick one that has a good reputation in the market.  There is every possibility that you will not make use of all the features that are made available to you in this domain hosting service.
You can choose the features that you require from the listing, but at times they are not of much help. Furthermore, the web hosting companies boast of a wide array of features, which also often makes us take the wrong decision.

Reputation is the single most factor that should be given importance as almost all the shared hosting companies offer the same services.

Pros of shared-WordPress-Web-Hosting

  • The fee is cost-effective and inexpensive since it is divided among multiple websites.
  • There has been an improvement in technology, which has led to the use of applications like Fantastico, cPanel and so on.
  • Since most of the web hosting companies hire only skilled professionals, you don’t have to worry about the upgrades and the maintenance aspects. Instead, you can just focus on your business activities.
  • Multiple services are offered and thus upgrades are possible without any major hassles.


Cons of shared-WordPress-Web-Hosting


  • If you compare the response time between the dedicated and the shared servers, the latter will obviously show slower response time.
  • When the business ventures start making profits, they become greedy and overselling can be a serious problem. This results in site downtimes and lagging. This once again is the evidence that the reputation of the web hosting company is an essential factor to consider while using WordPress-Web-Hosting services.

So, before you make any decision related to shared-web-hosting, this article will be of great help and guidance. Hence, take a look at the concept of shared-web-hosting services and then take your final call.

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